The Sweet potato cream from Primitivo Picó It is characterized by the sweet taste of the sweet potato and its creamy texture. The sweet potato is a tuber like the potato but is characterized mainly by its sweet taste , unlike the potato. Regarding sweet potato properties, the main ones are that they have a high content of vitamin E, low caloric intake, high potassium content … At Primitivo Picó we make supreme quality sweet potato cream.

Sweet potato cream on our plates

Sweet potato cream has multiple uses in the kitchen, since it is a versatile accompaniment, sweet potato cream can accompany both meats, fish, desserts, or even take it alone

For meats, sweet potato cream is an ideal accompaniment, with grilled meats the sweet potato cream will add flavor to the dish and a smoother texture for consumption.

As for fish, usually for baked or grilled fish , like salmon or hake, it is also usually a good accompaniment.

Sweet potato cream can be served on its own, with pieces of chopped ham.

Mixed with other ingredients, such as onion, garlic and cream, the sweet potato cream can be used to make a side sauce for pasta, for example, for gnocchis.

As a salty snack, sweet potato cream pie, or for dessert, sweet potato cream puff pastry patties.