Almost 70 years of history


Elaboration and quality

We take care of the quality of raw materials and the product in all processes

The experience accumulated in almost 70 years of life Primitivo Picó is reflected above all in the quality of our products. Following the tradition of our nougat ancestors, we maintain an artisanal elaboration that guarantees the highest quality in our products. We have been able to transfer the processes and the spirit of artisan manufacturing from yesteryear to the modern age of new technologies.


The client deserves quality both in the final product and in the service we provide.

We want our customers around the world to feel well cared for, understood and satisfied at all times and we work every day to achieve the flawless functioning of the processes in all the departments of the company. The joint effort of the entire Primitivo Picó team guarantees a efficient and fast service.


Human team

The people behind each product are responsible for our success

It is important to highlight above all the large group of people behind the success of Primitivo Picó. Proactive and committed people who believe in the quality of the products and make every effort to satisfy the needs of all customers. Our extraordinary team It is the key to the success of the company.


Our commitment to the environment is present throughout the production process.

At Primitivo Picó we consider that the protection of the environment should be an outstanding objective of the company, so we assume the commitment of a environmental policy aimed at complying with legislation current. This includes the continuous updating of the means of production to optimize the consumption of resources on the environmental aspects linked to the development of their activities within the company.


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