The liquid nougat It is a fundamental ingredient in many recipes, especially pastry recipes to make puddings, ice creams. Primitive Picó we market the liquid nougat In 10kg buckets, it is therefore more demanded by cooks, pastry chefs, restaurants … Being a large amount of product, which is also preserved in perfect condition and has a long-term expiration date, which allows it to be used, as well as preserved, for a long time.

On Primitive Picó we sell two types; our refined liquid nougat, with a smooth and fine flavor, which is mainly characterized by being a homogeneous dough ideal for quality confectionery elaborations, as well as we elaborate the granulated liquid nougat in which the dough is not filtered or strained and inside it houses small pieces of nougat that gives a crunchy touch, ideal for accompanying sauces, for example.

In addition to treating liquid nougat in a different way to achieve two results, at Primitivo Picó we make liquid nougat in different ways. quality, supreme or extra , in which like the tablets Y portions of nougat the difference lies in its percentage of almond and honey that compose it, it should be noted that they are the two highest quality nougat manufacturing, with which a product is obtained that will load your dishes with flavor.

The liquid nougat can be the best ally in the kitchen , It can be used spread like for example on a crepe, waffle with liquid nougat, puff pastry filled with nougat, as well as the main ingredient to make puddings, ice cream, nougat cakes and chocolate, nougat cream, coulant, nougat mousse, in this case it is better to use granulated liquid nougat for its creamier texture … But the liquid nougat in addition to being used for pastries can also be a perfect complement to the best dishes, such as made sauce to accompany meats , such as sirloin or veal, or also for fish like salmon.