The history of nougat as a sweet made from almonds and honey does not have a clear origin, there are several theories and legends that speak of the beginning of this delicacy, which we will reveal to you throughout our post.

The first data that speak of the existence of nougat dates back to the sixteenth century, although although others date the origin of this sweet from the I am eleventh in the old Arabian peninsula , who were in charge of the nougat, which they called “turun” little by little it was known in Italy and Spain.

On the other hand, other stories speak that the beginning of the nougat took place during the reign of Felipe IV or Felipe V fruit of a contest of the time in which it was intended to find non-perishable food for a long period of time. Contest from which he was victorious a confectioner whose last name was Turrons .

Also in some documents of the time this sweet was already present, such as in the texts of Lope de Rueda’s play from 1570 .

Although, whatever the beginning of the production of nougat today, the manufacture of this sweet so consumed at Christmas is own from Italy and Spain Especially in the area where both almonds and honey are grown, so on the Mediterranean coasts and Al-Andalus we see that many other sweets of the time incorporated these ingredients.

Consume nougat at Christmas It is a tradition totally rooted in our country, although, more and more nougat is marketed throughout the year, with Christmas being the time when it is most produced, this fact, in its beginnings, could have a clear explanation, because honey and almonds were quality products, and therefore they were only consumed on designated dates.

In our particular case, Primitive Picó has been manufacturing and marketing nougat in tablets and portions of different quality and flavor since 1970 , working with this product throughout the year, although at Christmas, it is high season.